Business Law and Business Transactions

We emphasize a practical approach to address the legal issues confronted by our business clients and look to create efficiencies with innovative solutions to such issues based on our decades of experience. Our lawyers regularly represent both publicly traded entities and private concerns. As a result, our lawyers are equally comfortable in representing individual clients, organizing small entrepreneurial businesses or handling large acquisition or merger transactions. We work with clients to prepare and negotiate all types of commercial agreements, including merger agreements, employment agreements, real estate purchase and sales agreements, distribution and licensing agreements, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, partnership agreements, buy-sell agreements, and loan documents. We also advise publicly held entities in regard to their SEC reporting requirements.

Formation and Recapitalization of Business Entities

We help our clients form business entities, including C corporations, S corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. We provide advice regarding the selection of the form of business entity, after considering (i) income and franchise tax consequences, and (ii) the degree of protection provided to the owners of the entity with respect to the liabilities of the enterprise. We also assist our clients in the documentation of agreements relating to their ownership of such entities, such as buy-sell agreements, voting agreements, partnership agreements, bylaws, regulations, and other corporate governance agreements. We represent the interests of our clients in connection with the issuance of debt and equity securities, and the restructuring and recapitalization of their entities.

Tax Law

We advise our clients regarding the tax issues that arise with respect to many business transactions, including acquisitions, reorganizations, distributions, stock options, executive compensation arrangements, like-kind exchanges, partnerships, and the formation of business entities.